Who We Are

We strike first.  We strike often.  We strike intellegently.   At The Mitchell Firm we understand that litigation starts, and most often ends, before either party ever steps into the courtroom.  We use this to our advantage.  Our firm uses several investigatory tools and strategies to acquire information from the boardroom to the courtroom. Such investigations have proven to be the winning factor in many of our cases, especially our securities and investment fraud cases.

Our Approach to Helping Clients

Our approach focuses and capitalizes on the peculiar vulnerabilities of the opposing party. Much of this occurs well before our opponents know that we have been retained. Planning and strategy are the hallmarks of our firm. Far too often, firms either never consult an expert or consult an expert too late in the process, and such neglect hurts their clients.

At The Mitchell Firm, we seek to know as much as we can about each case and situation as soon as possible. We identify the opposing party’s weakness and exacerbate each weakness relentlessly. However, we also identify our client’s vulnerabilities and create a strategic plan to address such issues on our own terms. This approach has paid significant dividends for our clients.

Meet Our Team

Our team is dedicated to treating our clients with compassion, and fighting for their rights aggressively in the courtroom. Our lawyers are dynamic and driven, and each one is ready to give you the personalized attention that you deserve.