Product Liability

While it may seem that manufacturers always have consumers’ wellbeing in mind when creating a product, it is shockingly common for people to be injured or even killed by dangerous and defective products. It is estimated that the number of people who have been injured by unsafe products is over 30 million. Each year, manufacturers are forced to pay billions of dollars in lawsuits, yet they are still willing to take chances with the safety of others if it helps them profit.

If you are one of the many whose lives were disrupted by a dangerous or defective product, our Ridgeland personal injury lawyers are here to protect your rights. At The Mitchell Firm PLLC, our client-focused team of attorneys is here to strive for a just outcome. We can assist you with a variety of different types of product liability cases.

Because this area of law is so broad and the error that caused the product to become dangerous might’ve happened at any stage in the develpoment or distribution, you need a skilled lawyer to help identify who should be held liable.

Injuries that arise from the following can be grounds for a products liability case

  • Dangerous prescription drugs
  • Car part failure
  • Faulty airbags
  • Badly-designed products
  • Defective machinery
  • Malfunctioning home appliances
  • Poorly-designed medical equipment
  • Toys or other children’s products

While these are all common examples of products that cause injury, there is no limit to the varied circumstances that could leave a person seriously injured. At the heart of all products liability cases, however, negligence must be to blame. If the designer, manufacturer, or other professional who helped to release the product to the public failed to act in a way that was reasonably safe or failed to warn of potential dangers involved with the product, they could possibly be held liable.

When you call The Mitchell Firm PLLC, our Ridgeland personal injury lawyers can help break down the details of your case, identify all your legal options, and help you decide on how to move forward. We can strive tirelessly on your behalf to secure you the compensation that you may be entitled to.